Rent a boat to visit Croatia !

Rent a boat to visit Croatia !

Croatia is one of the commonest destinations of eDreams; an online travel agency which offers various services to many travelers around the world. Croatia is a very pleasant country to enjoy natural landscapes. The country has innumerable natural attractions that inspire thousands of annual visitors from many countries.

These include breathtaking mountains, national parks, stunning beaches and many other beautiful seaside spots. This is why traveling by boat is recommended for those who want to discover the creatures in Croatia

Why renting a boat to visit Croatia?

Many visitors never miss to rent a boat for their visit in Croatia. This is because it allows to find out more interesting places of the country. 

  • Traveling by a rental boat is freer and more comfortable. The reason is you can plan your schedule yourself and go wherever you want. 
  • Most of the best attractions of Croatia are located along the sea. And there are many beautiful small islands that you can access only by boat. The islands deserve a visit because they keep and cover innumerable beautiful places and interesting animals that inspire tourists.

The best time to go sailing in Croatia

In fact, the best time for a boat tour in Croatia depends on many factors and what you like. However, the main points that determine the best time are the weather and the climate. In general, the climate in this European country is mostly favorable for sailing throughout the year.

That is to say that you can always take a boat trip regardless of the kind of season. Croatia's Peak season is characterized by hot and dry climate with an average temperature of 28°C, it is between April and November. The water is generally calm and warmer during this period. Many festivities also happen during the peak season. It is a bit cold in winter season and there is no much rain.

Choosing the right boat for sailing

There are many boats that you can choose from. Your decision may depend on your budget, the number of people and the comfort of the boat. More spacious and more luxury boat may require higher prices.

However, you have to choose the newest boats if you want to travel more comfortably and safely. The newer ones are often more spacious with beautiful appearance and higher costs. You can contact eDreams to help you find the best boat for your visit tours.

Best places to visit by boat

Croatian attractions are uncountable, but you can choose the best ones if you don't want to spend much time on other spots. Here are some of the beautiful places that you should not miss to visit while taking a boat tour in Croatia. 

  • Dalmatian Coast: Situated in Southern Croatia. It is well-known for its beautiful islands, old city palaces, forts and other amazing buildings. 
  • Istria: Located in Northern Croatia. It is the biggest archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. It is famous for its amazing towns and villages, food and culture. 
  • Mljet: One of the largest islands of Croatia. It is renowned for its beautiful villages, pine forests, saltwater lakes, national park and seafood. 
  • Hvar: One of the most luxurious Croatia's islands with beautiful beaches and amazing night view.