Discover Dalmatia beaches and weather

Discover Dalmatia beaches and weather

Dalmatia is located in Croatia. The capital city is Split. Dalmatia is famous for its beautiful nature, relaxing atmosphere, Islands and Bays. Dalmatia is a fascinating travel destination due to its rich cultural and historical heritage.

In addition, Dalmatia is endowed with marvelous sights and landmarks. There are great opportunities for outdoor activities, boat tours and water sports. Let us discover the beauty of the Dalmatian beaches with eDreams.

Dalmatia: popular beaches

For an unforgettable memory, the Dalmatian coastline encompasses around 140 amazing islands. From a high altitude, the view of the lush green landscape, coupled with the blue-green water is quite breathtaking. The islands are real jewels in the middle of the ocean! The white sandy beaches look perfect when the sun is at its height in midday. And if you explore its beaches, you will be amazed at their peculiarities. 

  • Stiniva, Vis: It is quite fascinating for swimming and snorkeling. And if you are in for some adventure, rent a boat and take a boat tour of the islands. It is necessary to book online or call before going there. The site is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The site is endowed with national parks and a cave, which is called The Blue Cave. There are also opportunities for visitors to play sports. 
  • Sakarun, Dugi Otok: It is one of loveliest beaches in the northernmost Croatia. It remains unknown to most tourists, so it is a perfect spot for a romantic beach holiday. Hills overlook the bay, and the turquoise-blue water helps you to unwind from any stressful life. Go through Bozava villages and Veli Rat to reach Sakaran beach. 
  • Zlatni rat, Brac: It is another beautiful beach in Croatia. It is characterized by fine pebbles around its reef. It is a safe arena for surfing and kite-surfing. Take a train or a boat from Bol to get to Zlatni rat beach. 
  • Divna, Peljesac: Sand and gravel cover the beach; and the sight of the green trees overlooking the beach is so wonderful. It is so amazing. 
  • Raduca, Primosten: It is a nice beach with clear water. Its proximity from the city center makes it a popular spot for swimming and sun tanning. Besides, there are excellent restaurants for lunch. 
  • Kasuni, Split: It is located near the Marjan forest, which makes the scenery so spectacular. The water is so pure and clear. After relaxing at the beach, you can have a glass of beer, or get a massage at Joe's.

Plan your trip to Dalmatia

So, are you looking for a new travel destination for your vacation? Dalmatia, Croatia is the perfect spot for you. Not only is it endowed with an awesome landscape; but it also has fascinating beaches where you can lie during your summer holiday vacation.

The best time to go to Dalmatia is from June to September when the weather is perfect. To find a cheap flight to Dalmatia, go to the online travel agency eDreams.

As a branch of the ODIGEO group, it has a lot to offer to make your trip enjoyable, from your flight to the hotel and even transportation around the country. Visit Dalmatia and relax on the most wonderful beaches you have ever seen.